Our parish


The church is the house of God. It is open to all who enter with reverence and in the fear of the Lord. All who seek a spiritual home in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad are welcome.


Our parish is comprised of old and new Russian immigrants, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek Orthodox Christians, and Canadian converts to Orthodoxy.

Fellowship & Education

Sunday lunches: From late summer to late spring our sisterhood prepares wonderful meals for our enjoyment and fellowship. Everyone is invited.

Book store: Open after every Sunday Liturgy. Offering spiritual literature, icons, baptismal crosses, greeting cards, calendars, etc.

Library: Open after every Sunday Liturgy. Offers a growing selection of spiritual literature in many languages.

Sunday School: "Law of God" for children. All children are invited to attend after communion in the church hall.


Originally founded in the 1950s to service the spiritual needs of Russian Orthodox Christians in the Ottawa region, the current church was built in 1988 to commemorate 1000 years of Christianity in Russia.

Adjacent to the church stands St. Vladimir’s Russian Seniors Residence that provides accommodations to qualified persons over the age of 65.

Appropriate Behaviour in Church

The church is the house of God, so we must dress and conduct ourselves with respect and consideration for those in prayerful concentration. It is customary for women to wear dresses of a moderate length and a head covering. Men and boys should wear long trousers. Women typically stand on the left and men on the right. Movement should be kept to a minimum and no movement at all should take place during the Eucharist. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children and instilling in them reverence and proper behaviour.

Confession & Communion

It is customary to go to confession on the eve before the day one wishes to take communion. If for good reason this is not possible, then early before the start of liturgy, ask the priest to hear your confession.
Only those who have been baptized in the Orthodox faith and have confessed, received absolution, have abstained from food, drink and smoking from the night before and have prayerfully prepared themselves may take communion.

All who are interested in learning more about the Orthodox Christian faith or are interested in becoming a member are invited to contact Fr. Stelian directly or join us at our regularly scheduled services.